Silo Descent Equipment

silo- descent equipment: liftheight 25m/60m

The silo descent equipment type 6-1550 for maintenance and cleaning as well as repairworks in silos, shelters and pits can descent down to a depth of 60m meters.

For transportation it is possible to fold together so it will fit in an elevator for example.

The equipment systems is avalible in different models, such as use by hand, electro- or compressed air-drive.

Powered by a two rope - drive pulley WTW 375/500.

technical data: (example: electric mode 60 m)

external dimensions in working position (unfolded):

w = 740 –1.040 mm
l = 2.150 mm
h = 2.223 mm

external dimensions folded up:

w = 740 mm
l = 1.350 mm
h = 1.480 mm

liftingspeed: 0,2 m/sec.
drive power: 280 V, 50 Hz, 0,75Kw
pay load: 1.500 N (150 kg)

vertical lift 25 m oder no: weight
in kg
use by hand 6-1550/25 H 250,00 EG 02023
electro powered 6-1550/25 E 320,00 EG 02023
compressed air powered 6-1550/25 D 340,00 EG 02023

vertical lift 60 m oder no: weight
in kg
use by hand 6-1550/50 H 300,00 EG 02023
electro powered 6-1550/50 E 330,00 EG 02023
compressed air powered 6-1550/50 D 370,00 EG 02023

silo-descent equipment: liftheight 15 m

The Silo- descent equipment type 6-1600H is mobile applicable and is attached to a tripod with rope storage drum and cranks for use by hand.

he ability for dismantling and the limited liftheight up to 15m make this descent equipment useful for multiple changing workplaces.

small silo-descent equipment

The small silo-descent equipment which is attached to a transportable tripod is useful for narrow or often changing workplaces. In the dismantled mode it can be transported to demanded workplaces. To descent down to a depth of maxium 15m.

technical data:

two rope - drive pulley
WTW 500
rope storage drum with:
steel rope
crossing rolls
shut-off chain

external dimensions in working position:

diameter: 1600 mm
H � 2425 mm

external dimensions transport size:

B = 300 mm
H = 1.500 mm
H = 300 mm

engine block:
B = 350 mm
L = 1.000 mm
H = 300 mm

liftheight : 15 m
speed: 0,2 m/sec.
powered: two crank use by hand
pay load: 1.500 N (150 kg)
weight engine block: 87 kg
weight tripod: 30,5 kg

order no.: 6-1600 H
For the second equipment from the type 6-1600 H please exchange the "H" in "S". inspection certificate: Bau 98013